The New Site

The Story

I was introduced to Daniel Pawlicki, the owner/creator of the game “Texas Hold’em with Zombies” or “THZ” as it’s abbreviated. One of their customers told me about how the owner, Daniel, was not entirely thrilled with their original site. When I took a look at it, it was originally done through GoDaddy’s site builder and had sporadic layout and elements. Beyond that, it wasn’t User-Friendly in terms of usability for their audience or themselves.

The Problem

This (pictured to the right) is the original site design by THZ’s previous designer. In addition to the issues they had with the site and the design, they ended up promoting more of their Facebook than their site. Finding them via Facebook (without an easy to follow link) posed some problems initially.


The Original Site

The Solution

The solution started with an initial re-design of their site, which led to a nice, easier to read design that emphasized better layout and organization. The design incorporated responsiveness to match mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Version 2 of the site, which you can see now from the picture above, is where we took the initial design of the site and turned it into a WordPress CMS site. Yes, we re-designed the overall site from the ground up to go onto the WordPress framework.

The main reason for the redesign to version 2, was more forward thinking than anything. Because THZ often goes to conventions to promote their material, as well as doing various things such as holding Kickstarters and tournaments we wanted to make it a central hub of operations to disseminate that information. We also wanted to give THZ Owner Daniel Pawlicki and his team the ability to analyze more information about his audience. We integrated Google Analytics into the site and optimized for SEO.